Unicorn Guidance 7 August

Unicorn Guidance 7 August

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
― Lao Tzu

Unicorn Guidance Tuesday 7 August

Ruling Archangel: Camael (Mars)
Crystal of the day: Red tiger’s eye
Lunar phase: Waning Moon in Gemini

Today’s reading can pretty much be summed up by the words of Lao Tzu at the top of the post. The colour corresponding with Tuesday is the red of the Planet Mars and it is to Camael (ruler of Tuesdays) we turn for a courage boost. Red is also the colour of the heart in QiGong teachings – a colour of love, courage and passion. Use this knowledge to your advantage today by wearing something red.

The Tarot provides us with clues about what it is we need courage for as well as where to find it.

Our central theme card is The Lovers – a card of love (duh!) and also a card of choice. Choosing the most appropriate response to the world around us and the people in our lives will make all the difference today. If we feel at all confused (7 of Cups) about what that choice should be, the Page of Cups provides a clue… Follow your inner guidance; Trust your intuition.

The easiest option (the option of least resistance) is not likely to be the right choice today. We are being called to think about the long-term implications of our choices (10 of Pentacles) and go with the option that demands us to muster some courage.

If the battle is one between the heart and the mind, go with the heart (6 of Wands + Page of Cups).

Interestingly, The Lovers corresponds with Gemini, the Moon sign of today. This is a clue that communication is important, both in the process of making the right choice and in communicating any changes we plan on implementing because of it.

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Lisa (aka Kallista)

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