Unicorn Guidance 31 August – 2 September

Unicorn Guidance 31 August

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.
– Amy Poehler

Unicorn Guidance Weekend 31 August – 2 September

Ruling Archangels: Anael (Friday), Cassiel (Saturday), Michael (Sunday)
Crystal of the day: Rose quartz (Friday), Black obsidian (Saturday), Citrine (Sunday)
Lunar phase: Waning Moon in Taurus until Sunday, 2 September when it enters Gemini at 09.01 BST.

I’m choosing to work with the beautiful Tarot of Enchanted Dreams for this weekend’s message because Yasmeen Westwood, the creatrix of this deck, has been subjected to the most horrendous slander online over the past 24 hours and I want to show my support. She has been falsely accused of theft and plagiarism – all because of the inclusion of stock images that she has paid to use.

All digital artists use stock images all the time and many of the big names in deck creation have used stock images that are not exclusive to that deck, yet you never see them getting torn down in public the way these hyenas turned on Yasmeen. It’s shameful. I’m embarrassed on behalf of the whole Tarot community that this has happened.

Two of the people that had been whipped into a frenzy due the slanderous speech in this video even came to my blog review of this deck to say Yasmeen was a fraud and that I should take my review down. I have, as you may imagine, let them know what’s what with that and I sincerely hope the woman who made these false allegations finds it in her heart to apologise, as well as take the video down.

I love using the Tarot of Enchanted Dreams together with the Oracle of the Unicorns because of the dreamlike quality in both decks. Incidentally, one of the cards in the Oracle of the Unicorns is a repeat from one of Lucy Cavendish’s decks. This happens – even among the big names – and people don’t instantly assume theft or plagiarism. I guess lesser known artists make for an easy target for bullies. Sad times.

However, the message for this weekend isn’t sad at all, I’m happy to say! Spending time away from the computer, socialising will be wonderfully rejuvenating and help us regain the right perspective on our lives. An opportunity for a fruitful collaboration regarding a new creative venture may also be on the cards for some of us.

Don’t turn any invitations down this weekend! Romance is in the air too!!

The Wheel of Destiny is turning and Life is showing us who we can trust, who are true kindred spirits are. This will energise us and help us leap when new opportunities arise. Cherish your closest friends and allies this weekend. Invest in yourself by investing in them.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller Click To Tweet

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Unicorn Blissings ✨🦄✨

Lisa (aka Kallista)

Decks: Crystal Unicorn Tarot and Oracle of the Unicorns

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