Unicorn Guidance 3 September

Unicorn Guidance 3 September

But what we call our despair is often only the painful eagerness of unfed hope.
~ George Elliot

Unicorn Guidance Monday 3 September

Ruling Archangel: Gabriel (the Moon)
Crystal of the day: Pearl
Lunar phase: Waning Moon in Gemini

The scent of autumn was on the morning breeze when I took the dogs out this rather chilly September morning. This in stark contrast to our last hoorah by the seaside yesterday, for an unusually warm day here in the North East of England. The dogs ran themselves ragged up and down the beach and we all slept like babies last night. Oh, and I found another holey stone!

Chiming in with Moon in Gemini (all day today), we have two Gemini energy cards, 9 and 10 of Swords – Mars and Sun in Gemini respectively for the astrological correspondences. This is an energy of intense worry, stress and anxiety, which is why the guidance from the realm of the Unicorns arrives in the form of Hope.

Focusing on what we hope for or hope to achieve, rather than on the worst case scenario, will help us keep our act together and take appropriate action.

The Ace of Pentacles is a sign that the worst is already behind is, confirming the message in the ‘Hope’ card. Now is a time for new beginnings, so it is extra important to keep a positive focus so that we invest our energy with prudence, rather than allow for it to be drained away by worry or anxiety.

Try this centring affirmation if your mental energy starts feeling scattered:

I am in myself.
I am whole.
I am darkness and I am light.
I am gentleness and I am might.
I am whole.


Communicate your intent clearly to yourself, as well as to others. Writing it down and pinning it where you can see it often today can also be helpful. Keep focusing and re-focusing as often as is necessary.

Today could very well carry that energy of the sadness and regret of summer being over mingled with the excitement about all that autumn will bring… We could be in for a bit of an emotional roller-coaster, in other words! Focus on what brings you hope and nurtures your sense of contentment here and now. Staying grounded helps us get on what needs to be done.

The most profound joy has more of gravity than of gaiety in it. ~ Michel de Montaigne Click To Tweet

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Unicorn Blissings ✨🦄✨

Lisa (aka Kallista)

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  1. Diana Soenarie says:

    Hi Lisa,
    This reading is so appropriate. I received news from my doctor that warrants another CT scan. Even though, I am extremely positive, I cannot lie about feeling a bit apprehensive. Now, I know why the unicorn came to me.
    Many blessings…

    1. admin says:

      Hi Diana, yes feeling apprehensive about something like that is perfectly normal. So glad the unicorn came to you! Love, Lisa

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