Unicorn Guidance 25-26 August

Unicorn Guidance 24-26 August

“Let my worship be within the heart that rejoices,
for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.
Therefore, let there be beauty and strength,
power and compassion, honor and humility,
mirth and reverence within you.”
~ Doreen Valiente

Unicorn Guidance Weekend 24-26 August

Ruling Archangels: Anael (Friday), Cassiel (Saturday), Michael (Sunday)
Crystal of the day: Green aventurine (Friday), Black tourmaline (Saturday), Amethyst (Sunday)
Lunar phase: This weekend is dominated by the Full Moon in Pisces 12:56 BST, Sunday

Piscean energies are visible in the 10 of Cups (Mars in Pisces), resonant with Sunday’s Full Moon in Pisces. The pastoral scene depicted in the Crystal Unicorn Tarot speaks of a need to allow ourselves to rest and be ‘lazy’ this weekend or the Pisces Full Moon won’t be able to do its thing…

‘What thing is that?,’ I hear you asking… The ‘Goddess card’ from the Oracle of the Unicorns shows up to let us know that She wishes to be in communion with us. She wishes for our hearts to overflow with spiritual devotion and a deep sense of belonging to the Divine, so that we may rest peacefully and arise fully restored. This will bring us a new vision and authority (King of Wands) that will allow us to take action and expand this spiritual energy out into the world (2 of Pentacles).

The Pisces Full Moon is the most feminine and also the most spiritual-mystical-magical of the 13 Full Moons of the year, so it is no surprise that the Goddess honours us with Her presence in this reading. This is where you can step fully into your magickal power and begin to own it on a new level in the world – provided, of course, that you pause to draw down the Moon. You can read more about this lunation HERE.

It is communion with the Divine that has the power to transform us. Try as we may on our own, we simply cannot grow unless we hook up to Source and bask in the light of divine grace. This weekend, you may find yourself transported from form to the fullness of divine flow. You may have gone through the motions in the past but you are now ready to be cracked open to the paradox that your true power is not actually yours – it belongs to the All.

This does not mean you are meant to abandon your individuality but it does mean you will gain a healthy sense of perspective of your personality/individuality being an instrument and who you really are is the wind that creates the sound. Your true essence is pneuma (divine breath/spirit/chi).

Remember who you are. Your greatest treasure lies within. Reconnect with Source and blossom. Click To Tweet

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Unicorn Blissings ✨🦄✨

Lisa (aka Kallista)

Decks: Crystal Unicorn Tarot and Oracle of the Unicorns

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  1. kathleenbee says:

    Beautiful, thank you. I’ve felt a very strong connection to Goddess the last few days, with messages coming through and also in my devotion time this morning. It was quite powerful and then this is confirmation to go deeper. I’m also a Pisces sun sign.

    1. admin says:

      My pleasure, Kathy. Full Moon Blessings )O(

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