Unicorn Facts

Unicorn Facts

The unicorns asked me to write this post because they like oxymorons. ‘Unicorn Facts’ is an oxymoron. In the imagination anything you can imagine is true, where as according to the Oxford Dictionary a fact is defined as…

“A thing that is known or proved to be true.”

You see, although we all ‘know’ that unicorns exist, they exist in the imagination, a place where nothing can be proved. This is the same place where God/dess, dragons and the angels exist, of course, and it is the most magical place in the Universe. In our imagination, we get to recreate and reimagine our existence, so that we can dream up a better tomorrow. This is where inventions and big humanitarian movements are born. Imaginary truths can indeed become facts if we believe.

All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination.
~ Carl Jung

Unicorns are real because they inspire us to take action and create things, be authentic, play more, seek out our highest/truest form of self-expression and to generally make the world a better place for everyone. Perhaps they are even one of God’s many faces. The Bible hints that this might be true.

Children of all ages love unicorns. They appeal to our sense of fun and beauty. Unicorns are currently trending in terms of design and you can buy clothing, accessories and food items that have been inspired by our one-horned imaginary friends. They are even so popular that that they have gained their own annual International Unicorn Day.

But let us have a discussion about some of the facts that people commonly claim to be true about unicorns. Some are based in old myths and folklore and others have come about thanks to children’s TV programs…

Do Unicorn Have Wings?

Winged unicorns, such as the one in the image above, can be found in images everywhere these days. But do they exist? Well, you have photographic evidence above of someone imagining them to exist, so yes… They exist.

Some people argue that winged unicorns are the offspring of a pegasus (winged horse) and a unicorn. This may certainly be the case… if you imagine it so.

In my own experience, unicorns have retractable wings that they use when the need arises. Although I cannot know for certain if this is true about all unicorns, since I have only had the pleasure of meeting and get acquainted with about 20 or so unicorns.

Winged unicorns are commonly known as alicorns. Alicorn was the Old English name for unicorn and got picked up by a children’s TV program as a label for winged unicorns. Winged unicorns are also quite commonly know as pegacorns.

Do the unicorns you have met have wings? Please discuss in the comments below!

What Colour Are Unicorns?

Unicorns are traditionally white or silvery white with a golden horn. However, many of us have found that on the astral plane, there are unicorns of all colours of the rainbow. Their colour shows their gift, temperament and/or particular skill set.

So far, I have met red, golden, orange, black, blue, green, turquoise, pink, lilac, indigo and yellow unicorns (yes, all with retractable wings).

My first experience of meeting unicorns of different colours was while doing a guided visualisation for children. Before the guiding voice spoke of the number of unicorns coming toward me, I could tell there were five. The first one was the white unicorn guide that came to me in meditation many years ago and who had been working with me since last year. I saw clearly that the other four were all different colours… and seconds later the voice said ‘There are five and they are all different colours – What are their colours?’

The first four coloured unicorns I saw were black, gold, pink and lilac. I have since met many more and they are all a joy to get to know!

What colour unicorns have you seen? Please share in the comments!

What Types of Names do Unicorns Have?

Of course, I can only for certain know the names given to me by the unicorns themselves. I have seen rather fanciful names for unicorns when I did my research online. There is even a unicorn name generator you can try for a laugh.

The names I have been given often correspond with the colour of the unicorn, which makes it easy to remember. Below you will find some examples:

Esmeralda – Green unicorn
Ruby – Red unicorn
Lilac – Lilac unicorn
Rosie – Pink unicorn
Sunshine – Golden unicorn
Ebony – Black unicorn

But there are exceptions… Like ‘Tilly’ the blue healing unicorn with a silver star that sends out healing right at the tip of her horn.

My own unicorn guide also doesn’t have a name that relates to his colour, which brings us to the next point… and a very important one it is!

The Name of Your Unicorn Guide

The name of your unicorn guide is sacred and should be kept secret. This name is the key that unlocks a whole universe of mystery and limitless seeds of creation. Obtain it as soon as you can because it will surely help your communication with all unicorns… and do not share it with anyone!

Try this FREE guided visualisation, if you have not yet connected with your unicorn guide or received its name.

Why Work with Unicorns?

The pull to connect with unicorns is strong for many of us right now, as witnessed by the massive influx of unicorn-related products on the market, including unicorn books (not just for children!) and oracle/tarot cards. I have also had many people tell me they have unicorn guides since I started this site and this makes me very happy indeed to hear because it confirms what they unicorns have told me.

Many of us intuitively know that we need the unicorns in our lives at this crucial point in time for humanity. Before you read on, try asking your unicorn guide about why you need this connection in your life. Allow the answer to surface from your deep inner knowing.

unicorn facts - why we need to work with the unicorns

What my unicorn guide has told me is that working with unicorns creates a bridle way for the imagination. Everything we imagine can more easily be made manifest because the energy of the unicorns is such.

I have also been told that unicorns offer powerful protection against the robotic thought paradigm of patriarchy until we achieve better balance, which is completely necessary if humanity wishes to survive over the next few hundred years.

Simple emoji magick can be used to ward off the negativity of those who detract the value of the imagination any time you post online. 🦄

Unicorn Blissings ✨🦄✨


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  1. Angela says:

    Fabulous post Lisa!
    I first met my unicorn whilst on holiday last year. I was relaxing in the sun and she appeared behind my left shoulder. She’s been with me ever since. I know her name. She is pure white. She has a silky white mane and a white horn. She has shiny black hooves and she is absolutely perfect. I can touch her. I can hear her breathing and, occasionally, stomping! She is with me for reassurance about my creativity, I can feel that.
    Since she arrived, I have been joined by a wolf to my right, a robin on my left shoulder and a fox curled up at my right foot! I have also been able to see my auntie and mother in law in spirit and, more recently, I’ve had short visions of my parents too!
    I’ve never shared this with anyone! X

    1. admin says:

      How wonderful, Angela! Thank you so much for sharing – I feel honoured that you chose to share this with us here. Many blessings to you and your allies x

      1. Angela says:

        Thank you Lisa. And thank you for this group! X

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