Three Unicorns

The Sun from the Haindl Tarot

Considering that I have owned the print you see in the image above since attending my first ever UK Tarot Conference after going pro with my readings back in 2011, you’d think I already owned a Haindl Tarot deck. However, it wasn’t until I came across one the other day on eBay that I felt I needed this deck. I wasn’t familiar with the deck, other than the image from the Sun card so imagine my surprise and delight when I found not one but THREE Unicorns among the Major Arcana cards!

three unicorns in the haindl tarot

The cards arrived mixed up which is common for used decks so the first unicorn I spotted was the mysterious Moon card one. Its horn is decorated by the Othila rune. Next up was the unicorn in the Wheel of Fortune (below the Jera rune) and finally the Unicorn under the Hebrew letter Zayin in The Lovers card.

Some of you may recall that I have talked about the Unicorn as a ‘symbol of imagination‘ – Imagine my heart’s swoon when I found out that this is exactly how the Unicorn in The Moon is referred to.

Together these three unicorns ‘accidentally’ (though there is no such thing) cover all functions of the intellect/imagination for moving forward in life. Numerologically, they add up to 34/7 The Chariot (for moving forward successfully).

The Unicorn in The Lovers guides us to use discernment and to balance the heart with the intellect. Next we have the Unicorn in The Wheel of Fortune which seems to be leaping forward (in the direction of the future), teaching is to leap when opportunities present themselves. Finally, the Unicorn in The Moon card tells us when we must go within and use our imagination in order to come up with creative solutions.

These ideas make for a perfect Tarot Spread whenever you feel confused or suspect you may be holding yourself back… This spread can be used for problem resolution and clarity about any area of your life.

The Three Unicorns Tarot Spread

Three Unicorns Tarot Spread

First lay out the middle column with The Lovers at the top, The Wheel in the middle and finally The Moon at the bottom. Then shuffle and mix the rest of the deck, laying the cards out according to the diagram above.

The first row (Lovers) highlights what you need to know about using discernment with regards to the issue you are reading on.

The second row (Wheel) shows you what you need to know about taking risk and expanding in the direction of your desire concerning the issue at hand.

The third row (Moon) provides clues how you can use your imagination for moving forward with regards to your question.

The ‘cons’ column on the left shows you potential pitfalls (outside influences) or negative traits/habits (within) to avoid.

The ‘pros’ column on the right shows you what energies and assets to capitalise on.

Sample Three Unicorns Reading with the Haindl Tarot

Three Unicorns Sample Tarot Reading with the Haindl Tarot

It’s a sunny day, so I just did this sample Three Unicorns Tarot reading on my yoga mat in the garden. I’m amazed at how profound these cards are, as well as spot on for the situation I’m in. This is definitely not a deck you whip out for lighthearted mini readings at a party – It demands your full attention. I need to research the stories about the court cards present in this spread but even without knowing all about them, I think the message is pretty clear…

My discernment about how to best move forward is suffering from a tendency to fall back into negative thinking (10 of Swords). It’s time to banish that pesky 10 of Swords influence. I’ve paid my dues in that space and I don’t want it to influence my magickal potential as I walk in the footsteps of the initiate (Osiris/Prince of Swords).

When it comes to risk-taking I have indeed been very stuck in the mud like the negatively aspected Prince of Stones (Pentacles) can be. I need to open my heart and learn to work together with others so that more opportunities will present themselves to me. I’m on a default setting at the moment to just say no to all invitations and collaboration proposals. Somebody special is about to appear on my event horizon (2 of Cups) – I shall be looking out for them and say ‘YES!’ with all my heart.

My imagination has suffered because of the knock-on effect of that 10 of Swords (4 of Cups). At times, I have felt completely apathetic and as if ‘What is the point?’ when it comes to my creative work. Banishing the 10 of Swords will banish this hopeless feeling too. Parsival (Son of Cups) is a sign that my creative potential is still there and that I can trust that this is what I came here for.

If you like, you can finish off the reading by looking through the deck for The Chariot and locate the cards either side of it for a message about where you are heading next with regards to your question. Provided I successfully banish the 10 of Swords, things should soon start looking up with regards to my creative work:

Haindl Tarot Three Unicorns The Chariot


Unicorn Blissings ✨🦄✨

Lisa (aka Kallista)

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