Shaman Tarot Review and Deck Interview

Shaman Tarot Review

After I started my own shamanic journey and studies, I am on the lookout for anything to do with shamanism. It wasn’t strange then that when a friend of mine started sharing picture of her Shaman Tarot by Massimiliano Filadoro on social media, I became curious. I’m no Tarot noob and have nothing against decks that have very little to do with the standard RWS (Rider Waite Smith) and Golden Dawn style decks. However, I must admit that I was quite taken aback by the suit names… Stones for Cups in this deck seemed very counterintuitive… but that is just proof of how much learning I have ahead of me.

The four suits are named after the four main power objects of the shaman:

Drums = Pentacles (The Dance)
Bows = Swords (The Voyage)
Bones = Wands (Combat)
Stones = Cups (Healing)

The Major Arcana cards have no titles on them – As you can see below, they have all been renamed:

Shaman Tarot Review Major Arcana Names

There is one Tarot spread included in the little companion booklet and it’s called ‘Drum of the Spirits.’ Right above the description of the positional meanings for the Drum of Spirits spread, the LWB (Little White Book) / Guidebooklet states that ‘The experience of reading the Tarot should be perceived as an inner voyage, an attempt to shed light not so much on external events as on who we truly are and why certain things happen to us.’

The LWB contains card meanings and a description of the spread in five languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French and German

Shaman Tarot Review LWB Drum of Spirits Tarot Spread

The Court Cards have been renamed as well:

Shaman – Page/Knave
Knight – Ally
Queen – Mother
King – Father

Other than the Shaman/Page, the other courtiers belong more in the Otherworld, so this yields new dimensions to any readings… Can’t wait to dive in and discover more!

Let’s see what the cards have to say for themselves. I am working with the Unicorn Guidance Deck Interview Spread for this reading. Take a quick look HERE for the layout which is simple enough to memorise since you read the cards in columns from left to right.

Unicorn Guidance Deck Interview Spread with the Shaman Tarot

Shaman Tarot Review Deck Interview

  1. Describe your personality/spirit – I am playful, wild and carefree. I see no division between the material and the spirit world. It’s all reality to me, albeit with different dimensions and ways to journey. (The Sacred Fool)
  2. What motivates you? – The suffering of others. I want to help people to heal. I’ll be there to motivate them when they are close to throwing in the towel (8 of Bows/Swords)
  3. Tell me a bit about how you like to play – I feel most playful and at ease near a body of water. I like to gather the things I find on the beach and play with them for hours on end. Sometimes my monkey ally sits next to. He is great – We can read each other’s minds. If he strays and I find that he is not next to me when it is late and time to head back home, I just call him in my mind and he comes running. (Page/Shaman of Cups/Stones)
  4. Where do you live? – I live in a cave behind a gigantic waterfall. The opening is protected by a sacred crystal, visible only to those with eyes to see… and by this I mean those who see with the eyes of the heart. When they approach with love the crystal moves to reveal the opening. All others see is a normal waterfall. Inside the cave, the walls are covered with healing crystals of all the colours of the rainbow. (Ace of Cups/Stones)
  5. Who do you invite to visit your home? – All who wish to journey to gain perspective on their lives so that they are free to move forward in the direction of their desire. Visionaries. Future-orientated people.
  6. What is it you like best about them (person/s or spirits indicated in card number four)? – They are not afraid to face their deepest fears. (Knight of Wands/Ally of Bones)
  7. What role do unicorns play in your world? They are our principal healers and know all the mysteries of the healing crystal that can be found not just inside my cave but in all caves and there are more than can be counted! They are the master healers and heal all others who do healing work during special retreats which take place her but on an even higher vibrational plane. All healers here have their own designated Unicorn Guide that we have grown up with and consider part of our family.  (2 of Stones/Cups)
  8. What role do card readers play in your world? – They are Seers like us so we get along very well. We work together in harmony. (Love/The Lovers)
  9. How do you help card readers gain clarity? – We keep initiating them in the mysteries, taking them ever deeper – Well, we do that with the ones that they indicate that they are ready and willing to journey through the Underworld. The ones interested only in the lofty heights of the Upperworld, we leave to fend for themselves. They cannot be helped because do not see that they need it. It is a peculiar form of delusion and it makes them half of what they can be. Worst of all, they tend to take others with them in their delusions. (The Mother of the Worlds/The High Priestess)
  10. How do you sometime trip them up? – We show them pretty or fascinating things that distract them… Especially the ones who have magpie minds. (4 of Bones/Wands)
  11. How can I make sure we have the most fun together? – Do some daredevil stuff with me. The more out there, the better. Take risks… go out on a limb… Well, when you’re reading for just yourself at any rate. Shake things up. Awaken your visionary spirit. Ask the questions that frighten you the most. I have your back! (3 of Bones/Wands)
  12. If we could go on a road trip together, where would you take me? – We’d obviously go to meet the Serpent in the South since this is your first road trip with me. She will show you what to shed next and help you let go with the same ease and beauty that she sheds her own skin. I hope you like hot weather and desert landscapes! (7 of Stones/Cups)

Unicorn Blissings ✨🦄✨


Shaman Tarot * Art by Sabrina Ariganello and Alessia Pastorello *

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  1. Aaron Meyer says:

    I just bought this deck and am confused by the spread that was in the book. There is no description of what the 8 cards mean or what the A & B represent. I assume the 8 cards represent a journey but I’m unsure of the A & B. Do you have any insight on the spread?

    Thank you

    1. admin says:

      Hi Aaron, The positional meanings of the spread are explained on page 13 in the LWB. B is the self/Shaman, in relation to the current situation. A (from the Majors) is Healing, what is useful to the situation in our favour. The Key. All the best, Lisa

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