Receiving Your Spirit Name

Receiving Your Spirit Name

The other day, I was watching a video on YouTube about receiving your true spiritual name. The reason I am researching this is because I am dedicating myself to Hekate this Dark Moon and my soul is urging me to find a spirit name with true resonance for this Path on my Spiritual Journey.

The video is made by a Hekatean witch, Anassa, so I was interested to hear if there was a protocol to follow for receiving one’s name. Anassa states that there are three ways to receive a name and suggests that asking the Goddess for a name might work for some. She had done so and later had the meaning of her name verified, i.e. it was the same meaning that Hekate had given her.

Having quite a few experiences of personal gnosis that later checked out with a bit of research, I decided to give this method a go yesterday.

I used a guided meditation to put me in a light trance. I don’t always do this. Sometime, all it takes is for me to ‘go under’ with a few breaths but I have had a lot on my mind lately. There is no shame in needing a helping hand to quieten the mind.

In the quiet window of the guided visualisation, I asked to connect with Hekate. From the Shadows, she made her presence known. I heard rather than saw Her but the link seemed clear. I stated my request for a name and she instantly replied with ‘Kallista.’

In my mind’s eye I was shown a bow and arrow and she told me she loved me for my love for the truth. The next scene was of a beautiful garden and she said, ‘Make my garden more beautiful.’

‘Truth is beauty; beauty is truth.’

When I researched the name meaning it turns out that Kallista means ‘most beautiful.’

Though I have had a love for Greek Mythology since childhood, I was not consciously aware of the myth of Kallisto, from whom the name Kallista is derived.

Kallisto was a nymph and follower of Artemis/Diana (Lady of the Hunt). As all followers of Artemis, she had given a vow of chastity. However, unfortunately, Zeus took a shine to her and in order to seduce her, he took the form of Artemis so that he could lure her into his embrace. She fell pregnant and when it was discovered, she was excluded from the following of the Goddess.

Hera, in a fit of jealous rage, decided to have Kallisto killed but she was snatched up at the very last second, together with her son, Arcas, and they were turned into the constellations of Ursa Major and Minor.

Last night, as if to give further confirmation of both new beginnings on my spiritual Path and that the name is a good fit, I had a dream of an unplanned pregnancy. I looked up the myth of Kallisto the morning after the dream. Reading about Kallisto and what happened to her resonates deeply on levels that I am only starting to unravel. I will say this though, it reminds me of how I was seduced by patriarchal religion and how much that cost me in terms of losing my Self.

The other two ways to receive your true spiritual name (as suggested by Anassa) is to simply choose one for yourself that is a good representation of the Path you are on. She, like me, had tried that in the past and had ended up changing names many times because of it. However, she also said that this does work for some people, which I’m quite sure it does.

Finally, she suggests some people might prefer to do a past life regression to receive their name that way. I imagine that a more direct form of hypnosis could work too for those who do not believe in reincarnation or who do not wish to go down that route.

While I do see the spirit name as something that empowers us, I am also acutely aware that it brings added responsibilities. We can ask and we can receive… but we have to be willing to step up our game. I certainly wasn’t given the impression that the garden I was shown was mine to lollygag in… I’d better go and get my gardening gloves so I can start weeding!

Unicorn Blissings ✨🦄✨


PS. Unicorn guides facilitate attunement with and channelling of the Divine Feminine. Have you connected with yours yet? If not, I have a free guided meditation for you to try HERE!

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Lisa Frideborg Eddy has been working full time as a Seer and Healer since 2011. She offers Tarot and psychic readings via email and on Skype. Lisa started her first metaphysical blog in 2006. Her work has been featured in the Northern Echo, Living Magazine and Take a Break's Fate & Fortune Magazine.


  1. I decided to try a meditation to ask for a spirit name, and was surprised by what came up. Researching it today, it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for this inspiration, Lisa!

    1. admin says:

      That’s awesome, thanks for sharing. Hope you’ll write a post or do a video about it. Would love to know what name you received, Chloe. 🙂

      1. I decided to follow your suggestion, as I needed some clarity for myself, too 🙂

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  3. Tina says:

    Lisa thank you so much for this, I’ve just had one of those moments when something dawns on you and clicks into place.

    My guides must be so frustrated with me as I’m very slow to recognise the signs they give me.

    For a couple of years now, I’ve had odd moments when I’d be typing – I’m a writer/author – and a word would be changed to the name Zaria. It happened quite a lot, and I couldn’t make sense of it.

    I looked up Zaria to see if she was a goddess, but couldn’t find much on her.

    Reading this post just now, the word Zaria jumped into my head, with a very loud ‘YES, FINALLY!’ and the realisation that Zaria is my spiritual name.

    I’m so slow on the uptake at times, lol, but at least I now know what Zaria is.

    1. admin says:

      Wonderful, thanks for sharing, Zaria (lovely name!) 🙂

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