Oracle of the Unicorns Review

oracle of the unicorns review

In spite of how popular unicorns are in the New Age, how rich and ancient unicorn lore is and how flooded the market has been in general with unicorn items including clothing & accessories over the past year or so, there are surprisingly few oracle and Tarot decks with a unicorn theme. That is one of the reasons that I immediately pounced on the Oracle of the Unicorns when someone tipped me about it and shared a couple of card images. The artwork instantly appealed to me too, so this was one of those times when the wish list wasn’t an option – I had to have this deck right away and with next day delivery.

The Oracle of the Unicorns by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs is published by Blue Angel. It comes in a sturdy cardboard box with the companion book you see in the image above. If you have other Blue Angel oracle decks, you will know that the cards are quite large, sufficiently sturdy and with a glossy finish. The artwork in this deck is by several different artists and though they differ in style, I don’t feel they clash or jar. The artists are:

Jody Bergsma
Carol Cavalaris
Elena Dudina
Selina Fenech
Dawn Holliday
Anastasia Korochanansckaja
Herb Leonhard
Deborah Lewis (aka Hagge)
Tamara Markegard
Kirk Reinhart
Renata Szentirmai

Sample Images from the Oracle of the Unicorns

I love the artwork… all of it. Below you can see some sample images of unicorns in the deck. I think it is fab that they do not all look the same because the unicorns appear to us through the lens of our imagination and we are each different.

oracle of the unicorns sample images

The polarity card in the middle top row is one of my favourites. The first unicorn to appear to me was white, the second black… and I completely agree with Cordelia Francesca Brabbs about her take on polarity and shadow. We need our shadow and we need to integrate it. Spiritual bypass is not an option with the unicorns. As you can see the Passion card has a fire horse without a horn… There may be wings (I suspect there are!) but we cannot see them. There are pegasoi (plural of pegasus) as well as unicorns in this deck and below you can see three of them.

pegasoi from the oracle of the unicorns

Personally, I have no problem with the presence of winged horses in a deck called ‘Oracle of the Unicorns.’ Cordelia makes the following statement in the PS. for the introduction to the oracle:

“Yes, I know this should be called ‘Oracle of the Unicorns, Winged Unicorns and Winged Horses with the Guest Appearance by a Cute Fairy Pony’ but there is only so much space on the cover of an oracle deck.”

(Winged unicorns are known as alicorns or pegacorns, by the way.)

I do have two minor complaints even though I love, love, LOVE this deck.

The first is the inclusion of a card that already appears in the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle… (artwork by Selina Fenech)

oracle of the unicorns and wild wisdom of the faery selina fenech

For me it works better with the meanings and context within the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle (possibly because I’m used to seeing it there already), so I resolved this dilemma by removing the ‘Discernment’ card from the Oracle of the Unicorns. It is now wall art in my office instead – Win-win! Oh, I forgot to mention… There are 44 cards in this deck though mine now has only 43.

The other small complaint is that all the people featured in the cards are white (with one possible exception), young and stunningly beautiful females. I get the natural connection with the Virgin/Maiden archetype but I think there is more room for variety and having different types of people would also make for more variety/possible meanings in readings with this deck.

oracle of the unicorns beautiful maidens

Most of the card meanings in the companion book cover one page, some a page and a half. There are no reversed card meanings given.

In the guidebook you also find instructions for how to do a daily draw along with a few card spreads, which – to be perfectly honest – I have not even looked at. For me, this is not a deck I would use for spread type readings. I find these cards do make an excellent focus for contemplation as a daily draw though and also work well for further guidance together with my Tarot cards. I love to use this deck together with my Unicorn Tarot, for instance.

I look forward to more Unicorn-themed oracle and Tarot decks in the future – I’m sure there are a few in the pipeline already (let me know if you have heard of any!)… and I’ll make sure to review them all for you here. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy working with this lovely deck.

Unicorn Blissings ✨🦄✨


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  1. Lilac Willow says:

    I love, love, love this deck and it is one of my main go to’s, and has been since I bought it last year. I felt the ‘call’ of the unicorn through horse energy actually, which is a theme that started one year ago exactly pretty much, give or take a day or two, when all of my health drama journey began. I can highly recommend all of the spreads in the guidebook too. I don’t usually do any of them, sorry creators, but I had a bit of time to kill before an appointment and gave them a whirl, and can say that they were some of the most accurate readings I have had in years! Lovely review for a lovely deck, and all of the best with your gorgeous new website xo

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for commenting and letting us know the spreads are worth trying too, Lilac. I might try them with my Unicorn Tarot instead of the Oracle cards though 🙂 My sister who lives in Sweden came to unicorn via horse too this year. I guess I did too but my love for horses started as a very young child. I remember pretending to be a horse as a six-year old and the sense of freedom that gave me. In my pre to early teens I was at the local stables as much as I could, offering to help out for free just so I could be close to them. Then disaster struck and I developed a horrific allergy to horses. I believe/feel that is about to be cured now, Goddess willing. xo

      1. Lilac Willow says:

        Oh no, and hopefully so xo. That’s so cool about your sister and it’s a fascinating link. I’m still scared of horses, that they’ll bite or kick lol but I am still drawn to them. Last year in particular, as we live in the mountains so close to plenty of rural areas where we can see them grazing, when we would go past them, one would often break into a gallop, or be a little feisty, which would always make me feel a little stronger and encourage me to hang in there a little tighter. Then the Chariot, my birthcard, was popping up (still is to be honest which isn’t that great a surprise considering however), but so was the Horse card in the Druid Animal Oracle, another fave deck. I was taking the linkage to be a sign from the Morrighan, one of my main Goddesses, then along came the Unicorn, so now I am assuming it is a bit of love from both 🙂 I do hope you get to spend time with them again one day, as I can only imagine how special connection it must be.

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