The Magic of Liminality

The Magic of Liminality

Today we have a New Moon in Virgo, a powerful time to manifest our desires. Have you ever wondered why New Moons are considered magical? What makes a New or Full Moon special and a powerful time for magic? Why not any time in the lunar cycle when the need or desire strikes?

Why is magic more powerful at certain times and in certain places than others? 

A liminal place is a place that is betwixt and between, such as a crossroads. It is not by coincidence that Hekate, Goddess of Witches, is known as the Goddess of the Crossroads.

Something that marks a beginning also marks an ending. This edge or boundary between ending/beginning or old/new is where energy is transformed. Where energy is transformed, it is concentrated. Where energy is concentrated, it can be harnessed more easily by the adept. This knowledge has been used by practitioners of the Craft as well as shamans for millennia.

Liminal places have an energy vortex (swirling energy) which can be tapped and channelled by the practitioner of the Craft. This is why casting a spell at a crossroads, for instance, will make it more powerful than if you just stand in the middle of a road or by the roadside.

Another example of powerful place where there is an energy vortex is where two rivers converge.

Is there a more powerfully liminal place than a graveyard? What is the energy like in a graveyard at dusk and dawn? Visit one this week to find out and really gain an understanding of the magic of liminality.

Man-made structures such as cones, spires, circles and pyramids all serve the purpose of creating boundaries and concentrating the energy so that it can be more easily utilised by the practitioner of the Craft. However, these structures still work better if they are built on natural, liminal places of power, which is why you will often find church spires erected over old pagan sacred sites.

The most magical times of the year are the equinoxes and solstices (marking the turning points of the sun), as well as the four days marking the seasons – Samhain in particular, which marks the beginning of winter and is the witch’s New Year.

The most magical times of the day are dawn and dusk, high noon and midnight. The most magical times in the lunar cycle are the New Moon (for manifesting) and the Full Moon (for releasing), with the Half Moons of lesser importance.

Noon magic is used harness the power of Sol and midnight magic is used to harness the power of Luna.

What is your most magical place and time? When do you feel your own power peaking? This is important to consider too! Some witches work their most powerful magic in the dead of night – not ideal for those of us who struggle to stay awake past 10 PM.

Perhaps the best practice to cultivate if we wish to be truly powerful is to realise the liminal nature of life itself, a boundary between eternity on either side…

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Lisa (aka Kallista)

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  1. Fabulous article Lisa. I love your description of liminal places. My most powerful time is at midnight (well, honestly, not so much nowadays, but definitely when I was younger), as I was born exactly at midnight (betwixt and between time).

    1. admin says:

      Wonderful, thanks for sharing, Claudia! I always wanted to be able to stay up for powerful midnight Full Moon magic but I’m as useless for that as am for staying up until the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s eve… It just feels like torture to me 😛

  2. Leslie Jay says:

    Really great article!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you!

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