Learning Through Playing

learning through playing

“It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.”
~ Leo F. Buscaglia

Unicorn Guidance Wednesday 19 September

Ruling Archangel: Raphael (Mercury)
Crystal of the day: Green aventurine
Lunar phase: Waxing Moon in Capricorn

Have you been taking life too seriously lately? Today’s Unicorn Guidance draw continues the theme from yesterday about using our imagination. The Page of Wands is the Master of Playfulness and he knows that without imaginative play our intuition doesn’t get a say. When we take things too seriously, we are listening to the voice of the separate self which is disempowered and prone to attach itself to the various doom and gloom prophecies out there. Our ability to come up with innovative solutions is dulled.

The Page of Wands knows that on a higher level, everything is OK and just as it should be. He trusts in the order and nature of things. This frees up tremendous amounts of energy for play. And here’s the thing, energy used for play generates more energy, more new ideas and – of course – more fun!

It is said that we only have a limited amount of energy. However, Taoists magicians have known for millennia that we can generate more of this life force energy which they refer to as chi. There are ancient sacred (sometimes secret) techniques for doing this… but really, all we have to do is observe the children in our life and learn from them.

The mind of a child doesn’t stay fixated on past regrets nor does it worry itself overly much about the future. When it detects an opportunity to play, it grabs it and makes the most of it. Children don’t stay in the same position for very long because they don’t resist the life force energy that moves through them. Resistance takes up a lot of our energy as adults and creates inertia, makes us less creative and less intuitive.

Planning the year ahead, do yourself a favour… pencil in as much play time as possible. Playing makes you more creative, more productive and much better able to connect with your intuitive inner knowing. There is nothing for clogging up the intuitive channels like taking life too seriously.

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