How to Connect with Your Unicorn Guide

How to Connect with Your Unicorn Guide

This guided visualisation is for for children of all ages and anyone who is longing to connect with the magical realm of the unicorns. They want to connect with us but they need for us to be receptive and in a meditative state to do so. A guided visualisation facilitates such a receptive state of mind.

You will need to sit or lie down where you can be undisturbed for the duration of this visualisation. You may wish to read, memorise or even record the words below… or use the audio with my voice below. Make sure you are not wearing any tight clothing and take any specs/glasses off before you begin.

Sit with your back straight, cross-legged or with your feet on the floor. Lying down comfortably in your bed is also OK, though you may find that you fall asleep more easily that way. So take a minute to make yourself comfortable now. We will begin by using the breath to relax the body.

Take a deep breath in, pause and breathe out… again… deep breath in, pause and breathe out… and one final deep breath in… pause and let go of all tension now.

You are starting to relax completely, as your breathing returns to normal. The muscles around your eyes soften. You are aware of the sounds around you and you know that you are completely safe here.

Now imagine a forest path in an ancient forest. It’s a well-trodden path with wild flowers growing along it. Though it is quite late, it is twilight rather than the black of night and the full moon is starting to rise above the tree tops.

As you walk along this forest path, it gradually gets darker but fireflies appear on the path in front of you to guide your way and light the path. There is a scent of sweet jasmine in the air and it grows stronger as you step out into a forest glade, lined with white jasmine flowers.

Toward the bottom of the glade you spot a stream. The soft and pleasant noise of the stream invites you sit down and dangle your legs into the cool water. It is a warm night so the water is refreshing. You look up from the stream where the moonlight dances on the surface and on the other side of the beck, you spot an old oak tree on a hillock behind the jasmine shrubs.

There is a door at the bottom of the tree and though this seems odd at first there is golden glow coming from behind the door that makes you want to examine it more closely. To your right there is a small stone bridge that you easily cross to get to the other side. The stone is cool under your bare feet and you enjoy the sensation of this before your feet once again touch the soft, lush emerald-green grass on the other side.

You spot a narrow path that leads up to the old oak tree. Your arms brush lightly against the jasmine shrubs as you make your way up the hillock. Faint music… flute, harp and bells… can be heard from the other side of the door in the broad oak trunk. You realise that you might have to hunch over as you grab the small handle to open the door… but as you push the handle down, you notice it growing bigger under your hand, until you look up and realise that you have become smaller… you hear faint giggles as the door opens.

Inside the old tree, you realise that the door has closed. In fact, when you turn around, you see that the door isn’t even there anymore – All you see is smooth, polished oak walls that you eagerly reach out to touch… Yes, they are real… and yes you are really here, inside the old oak tree… You walk forward a few steps and see a winding staircase. The steps are made of smooth stone slabs and the staircase is lit by a torches that seem to flicker in time to the music that is growing louder with every step…

You are going down… and I’m going to count down from 10 to 1… With every step you are becoming more and more relaxed.

10… 9… going down… 8… 7… 6… 5… so relaxed… 3… 2… and your body has now relaxed completely… 1.

At the bottom of the steps, there is an opening to another glade… or is it the one you just left behind? It’s hard to tell because they look so similar and the scent of jasmine lingers here too… But this glade isn’t populated only by fireflies, there is a party or some kind of celebration of some kind going on here. One of the people who dwell under the tree is celebrating a birthday and he is being raised high up in the air on his chair to much cheering from his friends.

Nobody has taken any notice of your presence up until this point but the rotund, rosy-cheeked man whom you now realise is a gnome spots you from his raised position and calls out to his friends who quickly put him down to see what the fuss is. You see about a dozen or so smiling faces turn toward you and they all excitedly start waving, inviting you to join them.

The music that had stopped when the fae were interrupted by your presence seems to start again… you can hear bells ringing but you realise that this is a different sound and the fae that have gathered around you now turn away from you to face the direction from which the sound is coming… across the glade, you spot a unicorn, shimmering like the moon against the dark backdrop of the forest, making the jasmine flowers glow like silver.

Your new friends seem to realise the unicorn is there because of you so they part to form a path to let you walk toward it. The closer you get, the more your heart is filled with joy as this magnificent being slowly approaches. You meet halfway, in the middle of the glade and you place your arms around its neck. Deep peace fills you as you breathe as one and you know that your unicorn guide has always been there, waiting for you to reach out.

Together you walk to the little stream that looks just like the one where you bathed your feet earlier. You watch your unicorn guide dip its horn into the water and as it does so, little sparks of light purify and transform the water. Your unicorn nudges you to drink deeply from this stream that has healing powers and that will allow you to stay connected. Imagine cupping your hands now and drinking of the cool water until you are no longer thirsty…

You know now that you can ask your guide to purify any water you drink and that it will energise you, as well as act as a transmitter between you and your guide in the physical realm. You will never again forget to stay hydrated.

Your unicorn guide lies down next to you now and you listen to the soft babbling of the stream together. In your mind you can hear the thoughts of your unicorn guide just as he can hear your thoughts. He tells you his name… or her name… and lets you know that you can always call on him if you need help or advice. You rest like this together for a while… just enjoying each other’s presence on the soft green grass by the moonlit stream…

And then, once again, you hear the faint sound of silver bells. Your unicorn guide stands up and you know it is time to return… You hug your unicorn guide farewell and turn to walk back to the oak tree, through the merry party of the fae… You turn one last time to wave goodby to everyone and you spot your unicorn in the distance nodding its head farewell…

You begin to walk up the grey stone steps, along the winding staircase where the torches once again have started flickering in time with the merry music which has recommenced… You are climbing now, higher and higher… 1… 2… starting to feel alert… 3… 4… 5… almost fully awake… 6… 7… 8… getting ready to open your eyes… 9… 10… Eyes wide open and you are fully awake, alert and ready to go about your day.

I recommend that you drink a glass of water and don’t forget your unicorn guide to energise it for you!

Blessed Be!


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  1. flauraM says:

    Thank you for the guided audio visualisation. Really lovely 💖

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      So glad you enjoyed it – Thank you for the feedback!

  2. Margo Benson says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, Lisa, thank you. I had a wonderful journey and met a most beloved and valued guide x

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      Yay, that makes me so very happy – Thanks for letting me know and Happy Unicorn Day! x

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