What are Holey Stones?

holey stone aka pi stone or hagstone

A Forgotten Gift

Many years ago, my mother sent me the stone you see around my neck below. She didn’t send it with any instructions of use though she did write in the letter that came with it that it is a snowflake obsidian. For a very long time, I didn’t know what to do with it, so I kept it in the back of a drawer until the other week…

snowflake obsidian holey stone aka pi stone aka donut stone or hagstone

Since about 2002, I had been wanting to learn more about shamanism but I had been put off by people telling me that unless I trained with an indigenous shaman, all I’d ever be able to learn would be ‘pop shamanism.’ I didn’t want to be one of those people so I stayed clear… when all along my heart (and the spirits of my ancestors!) had been telling me ‘That’s it – that’s home for you.’

Crisis and Development – Heeding the Calling

Then a classic crisis-progression scenario developed. First with the passing of my mother after many years of severe dementia earlier this year, and two months later the sudden death of an old friend. Only hours after I received the shocking and sad news about the death of my friend, I decided to follow my heart and trust my inner knowing to sift through the chaff to get to the truly genuine and relevant teachings in shamanism. That process of using my discernment and relying on my inner knowing had already been forced on me anyway because of recent events involving a famous spiritual teacher.

So, on Good Friday this year, I decided to give up a couple of bad habits and pick up two shamanic courses on Udemy instead. I started working my way through the rites of Munay-Ki (two so far). Right at the start of this course, I was told I would need… You’ll never guess… a holey stone! – or pi stone as they call it in Munay-Ki. Pi/holey stones are also known as donut stones, fairy stones, wish stones or hagstones.

When these types of stones are formed naturally, the hole has been created by water. This creates a natural link for holey stones with the Water Element, the Goddess and psychic ability/healing. I remember being given a huge natural holey stone many years ago that I used to use as a door stop in my old flat. I’m not sure what happened to it but I trust it found its way to a new owner, to offer protection.

Uses for Holey Stones

Traditionally holey stones have been used to…

  • Ward off the spirits of the dead / evil spirits
  • Weather magick
  • Protect people while sleeping / dreaming / astral projecting
  • Protect the home, people and livestock
  • Protect people at sea
  • Scrying/seeing faeries
  • Connecting safely with the realm of the Fae
  • Drawing out disease / healing
  • Fertility magick
  • Banishing

In shamanism the pi/holey stone represents the cosmos, oneness and our luminous energy fields. They are known to be have been used by the ancient Inkas and Mayans.

The pi stones you can buy online are not made by Mama Nature but the advantage is that you can choose the type of stone that best resonates with you personally and/or with your intended use. You may, for instance, want to get an amethyst holey stone to keep under your pillow while sleeping if you suffer from insomnia or nightmares.

My mother’s choice of stone for me is so perfect and I wear it with pride and gratitude now. It is a link to my maternal bloodline that makes me feel very supported. Snowflake obsidian is one of the main Capricorn crystals. My Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Capricorn. It also resonates with my personality card in the Tarot, The World. It has a balancing, strengthening and grounding effect on me.

If you intend to buy a pi stone for magick or healing, make sure it only has one hole in the middle and is not drilled through at the top for a loop to go on a chain/necklace.

Activating Your Holey Stone

How you activate or charge your holey stone will depend on what type of stone it is or where you found it if it was formed naturally. If it is natural, listen to the spirits of the land on how to best activate the stone for personal use and don’t forget to leave a token of gratitude once advice has been obtained.

In Munay-Ki the pi/holey stone is activated with a fire rite which is very simple and I have totally fallen in love with. You can also activate your holey stone by anointing it with the oil of your choice, passing it through incense or the leaving it in the light of the Full Moon overnight if you prefer. Follow your inner guidance on this. Each stone is different and we all have methods that work better for us as individuals.

Do you have a holey stone? How do you use it? Please share in the comments!

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The card image at the top of the post is ‘Holey Stone’ from The Wicca Pack by Sally Morningstar


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